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Nottinghamshire Primary Schools Chess Association 

Chess Courses

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced player aspiring to represent Nottinghamshire at one of our primary age county teams. There's always something to learn from our extensive program.

There are four groups and they are in levels of ability.
Group 1: very experienced under 11s county team players usually years five and six.

Group 2: good players development squad usually Years five and six

Group 3: under nines county team development squad players usually years three and four

Group 4:Developers and beginners usually years three or younger.


Pupils will be placed into their respective age group at first and will be assessed. They could then be moved into a more suitable ability group after the assessment or when they make significant progress later in the course.


First course

Saturday 12th November 

Saturday 26th November 

Saturday 10th December 

9 am until 12 noon

Venue Nottingham High School

53 -  61 Forest Road West,



All abilities are welcome beginners particularly welcome. Each day cost £10 per pupil and  advance booking is advisable. If you book a complete course of three days then the cost is slightly reduced to £25 per pupil.

We will require the following information for your booking:

Full name of pupil.

Date of birth.

School attending in September 2022-23

School year pupil will be in during September 2022-23

All Chess coaches are DBS checked.

Payment  will be made by bank transfer to NPSCA.Please email  your booking to the chairman to the email address at

You will then receive confirmation of the place on the course and payment details.

E Jones.